IHHT cell training: a new way to cure diseases?

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Introduction to IHHT cell training: what is it and how can it help?

A. What is IHHT Cell Training?

Intermittent hypoxia-hyperoxia therapy (IHHT therapy, oxygen therapy, IHHT cell training or hypoxia training) is a form of therapy based on the principle of altitude training. This concept was originally developed to help athletes improve their performance and prevent injury. By regularly exercising at higher altitudes, they should learn to better handle the oxygen in their blood and train their lung forces. This should make it easier for them to breathe better and recover faster at lower altitudes.
IHHT cell training device in the color black
The IHHT cell training device of the DEEP Oasis® brand in the exclusive color black. Ideal for health centers and clinics.

B. How does IHHT therapy work?

By means of a IHHT training device in this method, the oxygen content of the air is changed periodically: It is both reduced and increased at intervals. The training begins with the person breathing with a special oxygen mask, where the oxygen content is reduced to 10-15%. After a certain time, the oxygen level is increased back to normal. During the intervals, the person continues to breathe normally and tries to adapt to the changes. The goal of IHHT workouts is to train the body to realize higher oxygen uptake at lower oxygen levels. This leads to better muscle performance and endurance and can also help improve overall health. There are many different benefits of IHHT cell training; here are some of them: 1. improved performance: IHHT cell training helps the body adapt to stress and take in more oxygen, which can help boost performance. 2. improved endurance: With more oxygen in the bloodstream, IHHT cell training can help increase endurance and provide more energy. Thus, IHHT also supports cell regeneration. 3. better immune system: By helping the body reduce stress and absorb more oxygen, IHHT cell training can help improve the body's immune function and prevent infections. 4. mental focus: Although it is mainly known for physical benefits, IHHT cell training also has positive effects on mental focus - helping the brain deal with stressful situations and thus improving overall mental health. Overall, IHHT cell training offers many potential benefits for any athlete or active person - beginner or professional - who wants to take care of their health. There are few side effects or risks to this training; therefore, it is relatively safe for all ages - as long as it is done under professional supervision!

C. What diseases can be treated with IHHT?

IHHT therapy can treat a number of conditions, including chronic diseases. Some of the most common diseases that can be treated with IHHT are: Asthma icon1. asthma - IHHT can help dilate the airways and increase oxygen levels in the blood. This helps the body absorb oxygen more efficiently and provides relief from symptoms such as coughing and breathing difficulties. Icon thyroid gland2. thyroid diseases-IHHT therapy can help to rebalance the thyroid gland and regulate the production of thyroid hormones. IHHT cell training can thus be considered a useful support to drug therapies in some cases. Diabetes icon 3. diabetes - IHHT cell training can help improve fat burning and the glucose uptake process in the body. This can reduce blood glucose levels and decrease insulin resistance in the body. Icon headache4. headache - IHHT can help relieve headaches due to migraines or tension headaches. In many cases, this therapy can even relieve or prevent more severe headaches. Icon muscle pain5. muscle pain - Low pressure stimulates the body to take in more oxygen to the muscles, which can relieve pain. It can also help reduce inflammation and relieve muscle weakness or stiffness. Icon Stress6. stress - The low level of oxygen in the blood during IHHT therapy has a calming effect on the brain and helps treat instability and reduce stress. IHHT can also support the therapy of depression and anxiety in some cases. Sleep disorder icon7. sleep disorders - This therapy has proven effective in treating insomnia and other sleep disorders. It helps the body fall into sleep mode faster and wake it up easier in the morning. It is obvious that IHHT cell training can help people with different types of diseases - both chronic and acute, but it is important to acknowledge that it is not a universal cure and may be different for each patient. Also, one should make sure to discuss all possible risks with a doctor before using the therapy to determine whether it is suitable for the particular person or not. Artistic photography about IHHT cell training. Man head with mask and black background

Benefits of IHHT for patients: Why choose it?

A. What successes can be expected from IHHT cell training?

Some people consider IHHT cell training as a way to change their lives. Some people even report immediate results after training. For example, one user reported that within 48 hours of training, he was stronger than ever and his stamina had greatly improved. In addition, he could feel more energy and felt that he could spend more time per day being more productive. Other clients talked about bigger changes after the workout that lasted months later. Those reported better sleep quality and mental health, as well as better memory and concentration. Others noticed improvements in everyday life, such as better stress management or more energy for daily activities. Regardless of the level of improvement, they all have one thing in common: they are surprised by the results of IHHT cell training - both short and long term - but it also clearly shows that it is definitely possible to achieve such changes. Therefore, you should definitely consider whether IHHT cell training is right for you!

B. What results have studies shown?

The results of numerous studies show that IHHT cell training is a safe and effective way to improve muscle strength, endurance, and performance. A study published in 2018 examined the effects of IHHT cell training on blood pressure in young adults. The researchers found that 12 weeks of training significantly lowered systolic blood pressure. In contrast, the same training did not significantly decrease systolic blood pressure in older individuals with normal blood pressure. Another study published in 2016 examined the effects of IHHT cell training on heart rate variability (HRV) in healthy adults. The researchers found that the training resulted in a significant improvement in HRV. Thus, these results suggest that IHHT cell training may be an effective tool to stabilize the autonomic nervous system and thus improve cardiovascular health. Another study published in 2016 examined the effectiveness of IHHT hypoxia training in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). The researchers found that 6 weeks of IHHT cell training led to improvements in lung function and quality of life in patients. Thus, these results show that IHHT cell training may be beneficial for people with COPD to improve their symptoms and overall quality of life. There are also some promising studies on the effectiveness of IHHT cell training in treating various types of cancer. A study published in 2012 showed that hypoxia training increased the levels of certain immunoglobulins, potentially helping to protect cancer patients from infection. These are interesting findings and more research is needed in this area. Overall, these studies provide strong evidence that IHHT cell training is a safe and effective way to improve muscle strength and endurance, as well as overall well-being and quality of life. So it's time to learn more about this innovative training program! Close-up of the IHHT cell training device OXY from DEEP Oasis®.

Conclusion: A new way to cure diseases?

The results of IHHT cell training seem clear: using this technique can lead to improvements in overall health and well-being. However, there is still much research to be done to understand the full effects of the training. Those who have already tried the training tell of significant improvements in their health and well-being. They report more energy, better sleep and an overall improved quality of life. It is important to note that IHHT cell training should not be understood as a substitute for conventional treatment methods. It should be viewed as a complementary therapy to maximize the benefits of conventional treatments and better assist patients in combating serious illness or injury. If you have any questions about IHHT cell training, or are interested in the OXY IHHT medical device from DEEP Oasis®, please contact us.

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