IHHT cell training: a new way to cure diseases?

Man trained with IHHT mask

Introduction to IHHT Cell Training: What is it and how can it help? A. What is IHHT Cell Training? Intermittent hypoxia-hyperoxia therapy (IHHT therapy, oxygen therapy, IHHT cell training or hypoxia training) is a type of therapy based on the principle of altitude training. This concept was originally developed to help athletes improve their performance and prevent injury. By regularly exercising [...]

How the cold chamber helps reduce stress

Relaxing in the cold: The cold chamber - the ultimate stress killer The medical cold chamber (cryochamber, cold cabin or cold therapy) is a therapeutic technique that has proven to be very effective in treating stress and anxiety disorders. The temperature in the cold chamber is between minus 85 and minus 110 degrees Celsius for a few minutes. There are different [...]

Massage chair - Ready for the ultimate luxury?

Modern massage chairs for a relaxing time A massage chair is the ultimate MUSTHAVE for anyone who likes to relax and enjoy. Thanks to the mechanical vibrations, this armchair relaxes muscles and opens capillaries, which leads to the improvement of circulation and contributes to the release of endorphins. A good massage chair can boost general healing processes and reduces physical discomfort [...]