DEEP Oasis® massage chairs - the relaxing choice for your body. We offer high quality massage chairs for commercial and residential use. Our chairs are equipped with the latest technology and allow you to relax and revitalize your body.

DEEP Oasis®

The luxurious RELAX massage chair from DEEP Oasis® offers unique features that guarantee you the ultimate massage experience.

With its innovative design and high quality technology, you can treat yourself or your clients to a professional massage in weightlessness (Gravity mode). The RELAX massage chair from DEEP Oasis® is equipped with various massage programs such as shiatsu, kneading and vibration massages as well as a heat function.

It has 4 massage points on the back, shoulders, neck and legs for targeted relaxation of tense muscles. In addition, the RELAX is equipped with a modern touch screen display and remote control, so you can easily operate it. The cover of the chair is particularly robust and durable, which makes it a pleasure for a long time, even with intensive use.

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Your body is detected automatically. All functions are set automatically.


With 3D airbags and 4D mechanics, more than 24 massage techniques can be performed.


Besides heat, mental and vegetative stimulation is also used to treat your body.


All functions can be conveniently operated and individually set by voice or LCD panel.



The DEEP Oasis® massage chair is a real all-rounder when it comes to massage. It is equipped with the Zero Gravity function, which allows you to float completely relaxed in an almost weightless position. The combination of audio, heat, massage and the weightless position will really relax you throughout.

With RELAX you will find a good balance to your everyday life: so why not enjoy the luxury of the DEEP Oasis® massage chair?

RELAX helps you to relieve the pain in muscles and joints. Therapeutic heat relieves stubborn tension, especially around the neck, back or other hard-to-reach parts of the body.


Space saving design

DEEP Oasis massage chair is a luxurious and comfortable way to lower your stress level and relax with a little luxury. It features a space saving design! Whether you place the massage chair at home or in your commercial space, RELAX will provide you with a reliable and most importantly innovative massage experience. RELAX is an absolute eye-catcher! With its futuristic, ergonomic lines, it fits into clean interiors. DEEP Oasis sets new standards with the RELAX massage chair. Contact us for more information.


Automatic scan

 RELAX has a body scan function that perfectly adjusts the seat to your body. This makes every massage a real pleasure. The various massage programs ensure perfect relaxation. Whether you want to relax after a hard day or after a sporting activity, the DEEP Oasis massage chair is just right for you. With its body scan function, the massage chair automatically adjusts to the contours of your body, achieving a perfect fit for your body. In addition, the DEEP Oasis massage chair offers an elegant design and ease of use. With its comfortable seat and headrest, it allows you to relax to the fullest .


The DEEP Oasis massage chair offers you the ultimate wellness experience. Use the Audio Surround System and let yourself be carried away into another world. Thanks to the clear, crystalline sound quality, you can experience the sound either through the built-in speakers or through headphones. This ideal interplay of audio, technology and design effectively reduces stress hormones in the body - because your well-being comes first here! But when it comes to sound, the DEEP Oasis massage chair offers even more! Because you can also opt for the "Holistic Health" variant with virtual reality glasses and binaural beats by Magic Horizons. The effect of this new wellness technology is incredible. Through the natural rhythms of the music and the visual experience of the virtual reality glasses with Magic Horizons software, you can quickly sink into a state of deepest relaxation. The combination of cutting-edge technologies, innovative design elements and advanced sound technology gives you a holistic relaxation experience that not only relaxes the mind, but also provides more mobility in the body.



The "Relax" massage chair has rotating and walking 3D airbags. This is made possible by the 4D mechanics built into each airbag. There are 24 different pre-programmed massage programs to choose from. You can set the massage intensity and duration as you wish. But the Relax chair offers more than just relaxation: it helps you achieve your goal - your health and mental fitness!

Whether you want to relieve stress or feel energized, DEEP Oasis® RELAX makes both possible in an instant. Unlike conventional massage chairs, RELAX manages to deliver exactly what is needed to each muscle in your body with its specially developed technology. As a result, a feeling of well-being appears immediately: Energy instead of fatigue; abstraction instead of boredom; joy of movement instead of lethargy!... This exceptionally innovative approach has already revolutionized the personal daily lives of many of our clients! 


Massage of hands and forearms


Massage of legs, calves and feet

All areas of the legs, calves and feet, as well as the soles of the feet receive an adapted and relaxing massage through massage rollers and airbags. The additional heating provides a pleasant heat therapy. Massage rollers, airbags and the combination of both will help you relax after a hard day at work or prepare for the day ahead. You can let go of the stress of everyday life and there is no better feeling than not starting the day tense in the morning!


More than 10 airbags adjust completely to your body. Advanced sensors and motors are used in the process.


4D mechanics

The coordinated interaction of airbags and motors achieves movements that can reproduce all massage techniques. The technology of the DEEP Oasis massage chair is impressive in terms of quality and durability. The chair has advanced technology that adapts to the shape of the body and provides uniform pressure points. The patented airbag system in the DEEP Oasis massage chair provides a particularly intense massage, which can also penetrate deeper into the muscles. RELAX simulates all standard massage strokes and manual techniques to relax the body. . With a complex combination of air cushions, 4D technology and other smart features, the RELAX massage chair offers the perfect balance between comfort and performance.


3-D airbags

All airbags offer 100% individual adjustment to the body regions in terms of pressure and intensity. In addition, the DEEP Oasis massage chair has been designed with special attention to improved technology performance. The use of advanced technologies and high quality materials guarantees a deep and lasting massage experience. Thanks to its advanced technologies, the chair responds to your individual needs and adjusts the intensity of the massage to your body.

The DEEP Oasis massage chair offers more than just a pleasant experience - it combines comfort, technology and effectiveness into a unique product.

Contact us for a personalized quote. We are proud to offer you a contemporary wellness product. If you are looking for rest and relaxation, the DEEP Oasis massage chair is just what you or your clients need. 

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