With an increased number of red blood cells, more oxygen can be transported through the body, the muscles and ultimately into the cells. The consequence is a significant increase in performance. Get to know the DEEP Oasis® OXY by Commit.


DEEP Oasis®

More vitality and well-being through hypoxia training - simple and relaxed in a resting situation.

Science now assumes that a large proportion of civilization and chronic diseases, in addition to autonomic imbalance, are closely related to damaged mitochondria. 

DEEP Oasis® OXY is one of the most advanced hypoxia training systems on the market. Although the training is performed in a resting situation, the effects of altitude training known from competitive sports can be achieved through the targeted use of low-oxygen air.


Application area

  • Exhaustion syndrome
  • Hypertonic sympathicotonic vegetative dystonia
  • Bronchopulmonary dyspno
  • Mitochondrial cytopathy (secondary)


Many doctors, alternative practitioners, therapists, fitness studios and health-conscious people use the profitable effects of altitude training for their own benefit or for the benefit of their patients. Especially in the therapeutic field, altitude training is said to have a variety of health-promoting properties. In addition to improving the regulation of the autonomic nervous system, it is also said to lead to faster regeneration of the mitochondria.


In endurance sports, altitude training (hypoxia training) has long been known as a measure to improve performance and has therefore been used successfully by many competitive athletes for decades.
First and foremost, altitude training causes the body to adapt to the low-oxygen air (hypoxia) by increasing the production of red blood cells (erythrocytes).


Hypoxia training also brings other positive effects: balancing the autonomic nervous system, increasing cellular energy (ATP), more protection against oxidative stress through stimulation of the body's Q10, better blood circulation, improvement of stress resistance and much more. A process from which of course also your beauty benefits. Thus, more and more beauty-conscious people are discovering the benefits of Deep Oasis® Oxy



This is what the
altitude training OXY from DEEP Oasis® offers you

  • Interval Hypoxia Normoxia - IHT
  • Interval Hypoxia Hyperoxia - IHHT
  • Adaptive hyperoxia for best results
  • Integrated real-time HRV
  • Optimal noise insulation
  • Biofeedback controlled training
  • no wifi required
  • Highest safety for the user
  • Minimized time commitment for personnel
  • Service is written in capital letters with us

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