Stress reduction through cryotherapy. The cold chamber ICE by DEEP Oasis® for your gym, spa, health concept or hotel. Our mission is to help people reduce stress in their lives and find a new source of relaxation: DEEP Oasis® - We are your partner for high quality cold chambers.

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DEEP Oasis® cold chamber

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Cryotherapy or cold therapy is the targeted use of cold stimuli.

In the generalized application of cold in a cold chamber (whole-body cold therapy), the user is exposed to a temperature of about -85°C to -110°C for a few minutes. This is intended to influence metabolic processes at the cellular level.

Cryotherapy has a proven track record in sports, medicine and health. Cold applications are considered proven treatments with short duration and long-lasting effect.

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Cold chamber

DEEP Oasis® ICE cold chamber we offer in 3 different versions.


DEEP Oasis® ICE cold chamber offers the full cryogenic experience in our most compact design. Our state-of-the-art technology is valued for its durability and efficiency. It is considered extremely safe for investment, is 100% Made in Germany and TÜV certified. Quality with consulting, development and service from a single source.


ICE Cab+ cold chamber offers all the advantages of cryotherapy of our ICE Cab model, but with even more power in an even more spacious chamber. Therefore, this 1-chamber solution is ideal for medical practices, therapy centers, spas and fitness centers. Its low operating costs combined with stable running performance also ensure convincing profitability for applications.


In cooperation with our customers, the ICE Cab cold chamber is custom-designed and installed. Whether in professional sports or for therapy-accompanying measures - the cold chambers with two or three chambers are ideal for the simultaneous use of up to four people. We can therefore manufacture the equipment of your cold chamber exactly to your requirements.

Cold chamber

Cold chamber

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Adapted to your needs

Application areas


The healthy and modern
cold chamber

DEEP Oasis®
ICE Indicators

Activate your body's natural metabolic response and rely on the many scientifically proven benefits of cold shock treatment:

  • Muscle recovery
  • less muscle soreness, pain and inflammation
  • Increased energy
  • improved mood, sleep and concentration
  • Strengthening the immune defense
  • Improved antioxidant status
  • Rehabilitation support

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