Welcome to DEEP Oasis®.
We specialize in the development and distribution of unique health and medical products that harmonize mind and body.

DEEP Oasis®
Medical and Wellness Equipment

Welcome to DEEP Oasis®. We are supplier and concept developer for high quality cold chambers, oxygen and high altitude therapy devices (IHHT), vacuum therapy devices (IVT), modern massage chairs, innovative virtual reality goggles with Magic Horizons VR software and vegetative nervous system (VNS) analysis applications. In addition, we develop unique health concepts that harmonize body and mind.

Our DEEP Oasis® concept can be perfectly integrated into your spa, hotel, gym, beauty salon, health center, clinic, etc. If you are looking for high quality health and medical products that add useful value, contact us for a quote or a free informational consultation.


ICE+ Cold cabin

We are pleased to present you the DEEP Oasis® ICE cold room, in three different versions. In addition to the standard version, we now offer DEEP Oasis® ICE+ and TAILORMADE.

Innovative, Noble Design & Highly Effective


We present you a new Relaxation therapy system consisting of a high-end 4D massage system with virtual reality goggles for audiovisual deep relaxation, including Zero Gravity Position, similar to space travel plus traditional foot reflexology. Strengthening of resilience and mental training, with immediate noticeable and measurable effect.

RELAX incl. Virtual Reality

Our relaxation chair with the Magic Horizons platform for stress reduction, resilience strengthening and mental training. All Magic Horizons VR applications are based on scientific research - a study by the Humboldt University in Berlin for Magic Horizons and collaboration with the University of Southern California (USC) and King's College London.
(Software : approved medical device class 1)


Interval hypoxia-hyperoxia training (IHHT) ensures that the cells are stimulated to reject old mitochondria and form new, efficient ones.
In IHHT therapy, hypoxic (oxygen-reduced) and hyperoxic (oxygen-rich) air is alternately supplied via a mask while the patient is lying down.


Intermittent vacuum therapy has its scientific and technological origin in space medicine. The treatment improves blood circulation and oxygen supply, thus venous return is promoted. At the same time, profound lymphatic drainage takes place - capillarization - as well as increase of venous and lymphatic return.


Cryotherapy is the short-term application of extreme cold to the entire surface of the body. Cryotherapy is a passive short-term physical therapy with systemic application in a cold chamber, at -85 to -110 degrees. When extreme cold hits the skin, blood vessels constrict. When it is over, the blood vessels and capillaries dilate, improving the blood supply to the skin and extremities. The cells are enriched with more oxygen and enzymes.


Analysis of the autonomic nervous system. Here, not only the stress level can be determined in a practical way, but also whether cardiac arrhythmias are present.
The VNS analysis measures ECG - exactly the recommended and practice-relevant HRV (heart rate variability) parameters and contains normal values and risk - cut-off - values from meta analyses.


with great success we had the pleasure to exhibit at one of the world's largest trade fairs for health and medical products in Dubai